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Alex Beyrodt’s Voodoo Circle – Whisky Fingers

Label: AFM
Format: CD Download
Released: 2015
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 9/ 10

If one was ever looking for a new band that embraces all the elements of Whitesnake, Rainbow, and Deep Purple, look no further. Band leader Alex Beyrodt slings his Stratocaster and Les Paul like all the greats from the 70s and 80s, wears his influences of the blues and soul proudly on his sleeve, and bases the overall delivery of Voodoo Circle around the muscle of hard rock.


Joining on Alex on album number four is a again singer David Readman (from Pink Cream 69), Primal fear/Sinner bassist Mat Sinner, with keyboardist Alessandro del Vecchio and Francesco Jovino on drums. First single/video ‘Trapped In Paradise’ nicely is arranged like a classic Whitesnake song as the John Sykes-ish riff, with keyboard, instantly establish the melody and bluesy vibe. A little guitar and splashes of keys with those backing vocals in the pre-chorus for ‘Heartbreaking Woman’ again bring to mind the Snake. Alex effortlessly has this natural gift to play with alota influence from Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden, Richie Blackmore, without ripping off the masters or sounding derivative. It’s scary how much that beginning to ‘Watch And Wait (I Got My Eye On You)’ could be a lost Zepplin tune. So much soul and heart in David’s vocal, and I like how the song changes gears after the chorus, morphing into a smooth soulful rocker with this wraparound riff. Excellent use of peaks and valleys, Alex.

‘Medicine Man’ is back to the straight ahead rocker based in the guitar, while ballad ‘The Day The Walls Came Down’ brings the focus back to David’s (Coverdale?) voice. Sooo much Purple is those keyboards for ‘Heart Of Stone’, and Rainbow how the guitar drops out in the verse. Also, nice use of complimenting guitar with keyboard leads. Alex shows more of his versatility and abilities during ‘The Rhythm Of My Heart’ with his quiet yet effective subtle notations and phrasing. More down and dirty hard rock riffing adds attitude and down southern soul for ‘Devil Takes Me Down’ and it’s a hoot how they snuck in with the keyboard a little of ‘Woman From Tokyo’ as a sign of respect in ‘5 O’Clock’. Digipack includes a bonus track and promo video clip for ‘Trapped In Paradise’.

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