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Tuatha de Danann - Dawn Of A New Sun

Label: self-financed
Format: CD download
Released: 2015
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 8/ 10

Long dormant and left for dead, the Brazilian folk metal troupe has gloriously returned. Their 2004 disc “Trova di Danú” remains one of my favorites in the genre. In the nearly dozen years since, the band only issued an acoustic live album and a single, prior to announcing (with an aptly entitled, pre-release single, lyrics now all in English!), 'We're Back'. Part traditional Celtic instrumentation/melodies, equal parts Blind Guardian (especially vocals), Skyclad's social commentary and Alestorm's alcohol swilling, beer hall sea chantey mentality: that's Tuatha de Danann, named for a superior race from Irish folklore.


The caustic lyrical 'Rhymes Against Humanity' , with special guest, ex-Skyclad Martin Walkyier on vocals, rides a danceable jangly banjo beat until the guitar solo: "Detested pest - this naked ape. For gold and oil will kill & rape. A threat to Earth's ecology." Penny whistle, acoustic guitar and banjo all kick off a more mid-paced (albeit no less rollicking) 'The Brave And The Herd', while 'Al Ultimato' is the first to sees the rock/metal outstrip the folk elements. It's another cautionary tale, with the chorus: "By 2050 we'll learn the reason why. 10 billion humans on the earth - 9 billion doomed to die. Our planet is an island - such a Dying limited resource." The slower, mournful title track, complete with piper and multi-voice backing, has a 70s prog rock feel. A loose 'Sack Of Stories' sports not only snippets of banjo, but gruff vocals. 'Immarama' is a staccato guitar driven slice of gritty rock, atypical of its surroundings. Interestingly, the album was mixed by Tommy Vetterli (ex-Coroner/ex-Kreator). The bursts of flute in the politically charged 'Outcry' (equating the destruction of Mother Nature by Old World explorers 500 years ago, to modern "Gringo" bankers, doing the same) would please Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull). Food for thought?

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