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Panzer - Send Them All To Hell

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD download
Released: 2014
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7.5/ 10

AKA “The German Panzer” (as if there were any other kind?) to differentiate themselves from a Chilean outfit from the 80s, Destruction bassist/singer Schmier sticks with the trio format that he knows best, aligned himself with German compatriots: current Accept/Victory guitarist Herman Frank and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (Accept). There's a lively urgency to the music, a healthy dose of guitar breaks/solos cutting through each, veering closer to Accept output than Destruction (nor is it similar to Schmier's solo foray, Headhunter), they offer ten originals, plus a closing bonus, the heavied up version of Gary Moore's ‘Murder In The Skies’.


There's a punky quality to ‘Freakshow’, until Frank lets loose on guitar, a definitive metal moment. The pounding, F-bomb dropping opener (not a rarity herein) ‘Death Knell’ and ‘Mr. Nobrain’, apart from the chorus, easily reference Schmier's day job. ‘Bleed For Your Sins’ jumps from the speakers with shredding, from the get-go. On the other hand, ‘Why?’ is a slow, turgid crawl. The like-minded , slower paced ‘Roll The Dice’ is built on a simple, repetitive staccato riff. Fun, meat & potatoes effort, but somehow I doubt if this were a no-name project the music wouldn't gain much interest by itself.

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