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Wretch - Warriors

Label: Pure Steel
Format: CD download
Released: 2014
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7.5/ 10

Cleveland metallers, who date back to the 80s when they were mere kids, have undergone various line-up changes (most notably Ron Emig replacing vocalist Colin Watson). Always under the watchful eyes of Auburn Records magnet Bill Peters, the band has now inked a deal with this German based label. On tab are a dozen proper tracks (plus opening ‘Into Madness’ intro), dynamic traditional metal anthems long on melody, twin axe precision (still anchored by mainstay Nick Giannakos) and clean, soaring vocals. Not only does ‘Sleepless Dreams’ conclude with a tasty Flamenco inspired acoustic guitar flourish, but they manage to work it into the body of the song as well.


A grittier, abruptly ended ‘The Ones’ is very Germanic (with an undercurrent of six-string showmanship), can see a mass of Teutonic fists thrusting overhead. While promo literature references genre giants, Wretch 2014 nestle alongside like-minded Americans like Metal Church and Helstar. Not bad company (nor Bad Company, pun intended). ‘Sacrifice’ is a prime example, while ‘All I See’ sees the return of the acoustic guitar within the main construct, while ‘In Those Eyes’ is the lone ballad, employing the electric-less instrument throughout. The dual guitar interplay shines on a galloping ‘Death Of Innocence’ and string bending closer, ‘Rain’. Quality, no nonsense, Deutsche approved metal.

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