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Triosphere - The Heart Of The Matter

Label: AFM
Format: CD download
Released: 2014
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 8/ 10

I remember having a brief conversation with frontwoman/bassist Ida Haukland as she handed me a copy of their debut, at the Bang Your Head festival, many moons ago. A slender pretty blonde wants to talk metal, in a sea of beer-bellied German guys, who wouldn't listen! After that initial entre, was thrilled the music backed up her claims and while the Norwegians have been fairly quiet on the international scene for the last five years or so (Haukland guested on some high profile releases), they've been gigging around their homeland and issued The Road Less Traveled in 2010.


Husky voiced power metal (Ann Wilson of Heart, is a reference point), premium placed on musicianship, is the Triosphere (not to be confused with late-comer Metal Blade shoe gazer artists Trioscape) name of the game. ‘Steal Away The Night’ is an infectious mix of speedy guitars and lush harmonies. ‘Breathless’ sees Haukland adopt a smoother tone, which is reflective of the oft minimalist pseudo-ballad's feel. Staccato riffing introduces ‘Departure’, which (apart from the aggression of the rolling drums) could pass for a 90s Heart composition. ‘The Heart's Dominion’ toys with operatic vocals, at the start and chorus, but prefers the guitar dominated metal heard throughout the dozen choices. ‘As I Call’ is a fiery (fleet-fingered, pounding drums), old Kamelot type number, whereas ‘Relentless’ is just as advertised. ‘Storyteller’ is another strong rocker, before ‘Virgin Ground’ closes the album as a short, subtle, piano laden ballad. Try a new 'Sphere of influence.

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