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Psychoprism – Bloodlines

Label: independent release
Format: CD
Released: 2014
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 7/ 10

Psychoprism is a new band from New Jersey, whose guitarist Bill Visser was a member of local Tri State area regulars Operatika, and Kevin Myers from Rattlebone, Gothic Knights and Cypher Seer. With the first few notes to ‘Defiance’, Rhapsody Of Fire and Dragonforce immediately come to mind as the fast rampaging drums, dueling guitars and keyboards, and high vocals scream European Power Metal. Psychoprism, while they take influence from the new millennium more extreme power metal bands, at 6:46 minutes ‘The Wrecker’ they slow down the tempo (with lots of sweep guitar leads that are a bit overdone), for a punchy attack of riffs and drum beat for the verses and a Gamma Rayish chorus. ‘Stained Glass’ fades into a nice groove and merge between the guitars, bass, and drums, with a melodic touch in the keyboards and guitar leads for the verses. Nice arrangement. ‘Further Than You’ closes the E.p. with energy and some cascading keys. I like the change half way through, solid reflective guitar leads and backing keys for a darker atmosphere.


Not bad. Pull back on the sweep picking a bit, and not so much of the high vocals too. Curious to see what the full length turns out like.

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