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Amulet - The First

Label: Century Media
Format: CD download
Released: 2014
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 6/ 10

Fitting title for these traditional metal Brits' debut album, a collection thirteen old school (attitude, music & production) tunes, although a pair are voiceless. Given their locale, easy reference point is the vaunted NWOBHM sound and most of the tracks are right around three minutes, although six of them are even shorter! At 4:46, ‘The Gauntlet’ is their longest, most self-indulgent offering. Hardly prog, although the synth solo, aka ‘The Flight’ might qualify. Seemingly feeling left out, the rest of the band stretch their wings on the instrumental ‘Talisman’ follow-up.


Lead track ‘Evil Cathedral’ kicks off with plenty of wah wah guitar, while ‘Bloody Nights’ shifts tempo a few times and features a good solo break. ‘Black Candle’ takes the lone lyrical detour into a more sinister realm. As an old-timer, love this under appreciated genre (call it retro, or whatever), however, there are much better purveyors than Amulet. Much of the hesitation revolves around a singer who is an “acquired taste”, at best. Seems a little rushed, jumping to a major, underground metal label, like Century Media. Not bad, just not in the league with numerous like-minded Swedish and Canadian exports.

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