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Unisonic - Light Of Dawn

Label: Armoury
Format: CD download
Released: 2014
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7/ 10

Was disappointed by the initial full-length and after seeing the band live (Bang Your Head festival 2014), know they can rock out a little closer to Kai Hansen/Michael Kiske's Helloween past, but rest assured, this is a different musical beast, not a retread, nor relaunch. Hasnen still fronts Gamma Ray and Kiske, while nosing around and adding vocals to various projects, is adamant, he doesn't like/want to do metal.


The rollicking ‘For The Kingdom’ was issued on the pre-release Ep, otherwise, the ten proper songs (90 second ‘Venite 2.0’ intro leads things off) are all new/original. Lead track, ‘Your Time Has Come’ is precisely the “reunion” that metalheads envisioned, but since producer/Pink Cream 69 bassist Dennis Ward is the chief songwriter, it's the ONLY such inclusion. He calls his own number on the thumping ‘Exceptional’. ‘Not Gonna Take Anymore’ is a multi-voice mid-tempo sing-along/clap-along. Kiske veers towards the patented high register of yesteryear on the more adventurous ‘Night Of The Long Knives’, which also features an aggressive guitar break. Syncopated double bass drums kick off ‘Find Shelter’, but never leaves up to its potential. Dual guitars: one acoustic, one electric introduces a nearly a cappella Kiske, on the ‘Blood’ ballad. Apart from ‘Throne Of The Dawn’, the final third, is smooth throated AOR, ultimately ending with ‘You And I’ ballad. Not bad, just given the pedigree within the band, a tad underwhelming conclusion (from the Brave Words perspective).

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