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Lost Society - Terror Hungry

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2014
Reviewed By: James Rausse
Rating: 7/ 10

The tweens have been good to those of us who love thrash. Without a sense of what's the next metalcore, djent, etc. to strike the metal scene, a number of bands like Havok, Gama Bomb and Vektor have catapulted into our stereos/bandwidth after Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and Evile renew the nod to the old school. Finnish band Lost Society broke out with 2013's “Fast Loud Death” and quickly follow it up with “Terror Hungry”.


Lost Society combines the old-school hilarity of early Anthrax & Exodus with the drunkedness of Children of Bodom. “Terror Hungry” is a crossover-heavy album with a slew of NWOBHM/DiamondHead licks throughout. As with the last album, this is fun, but is best appreciated in doses and starts off fairly generic and does not really pick up until ‘Lethal Pleasure’, which is really the big highlight. Good friendly violent fun (copyrights be damned, it fits), filled with uncontrollable speed, but I find when they slow down a bit and give the riffs a little room to breathe, the speed bursts are better appreciated.

Cases in point: ‘Tyrant Takeover’ is one of the better crafted songs, starts off with mid-tempo badassery continuing into the verse, followed a slew of speed flurries. ‘Overdosed Brain’ and ‘Brewtal Awakening’ follow at the same pace providing some of the heaviest feels to the album, with the latter being incredibly moshable with a nice bit of swagger thrown in under some tasty runs. Their Twisted Sister cover was a nice surprise and a great way to end the digipack.

The big issue with “Terror Hungry” is that many of the riffs blend together. There is no new ground being broken here. While that provides for a fun energy burst, after skipping through three or four of your favorite songs that day, you're good for the time being. Most solos start with a divebomb squeal, followed by whammy action and descending slur runs. You pretty much know what to expect. I am gonna give it a 7 because it is a fun album and they are a band with a lot of potential. If you like it a little more I completely get it, but I also understand if you find it run of the mill and like it a little less.

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