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The Wildhearts - Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know

Label: Secret
Format: CD Download
Released: 2014
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7/ 10

Live CD and DVD of a 2005 outdoor/festival appearance, at the time, there were doubts if The Wildhearts could continue as an entity, one that has since (at least periodically) regrouped. Nearly half the 15 songs (66 minutes) are culled from their stellar “Earth Vs. The Wildhearts” debut, delivered in a pseudo-sloppy, rapid-fire rockabilly-meets-punk manner. When time runs short, the usual frenetic pace ticks even higher.


Not quite like hearing/seeing said classic performed in its entirety, which I was lucky enough to witness in NYC last year, but for those that never had the pleasure, this might be something of a replacement, albeit a hoarse-voiced, off-kilter rendition. Ginger seems to know he’s less than 100% and offers the mic towards the crowd on several occasions, none morseo than the acoustic ‘Geordie In Wonderland’ audience-only sing-along. Far from a crystal clear recording, but what IS readily evident is how much fun a Wildhearts show can be.

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