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Voyager – V

Label: Sensory
Format: CD download
Released: 2014
Reviewed By: Connie Payton
Rating: 9/ 10

Aussie metal band Voyager has released their fifth studio album, showcasing their unique mix of progressive, melodic, rock and metal elements that result in fun (sometimes serious), but always catchy, songs. An interesting history behind this album is that it was partially funded by a kickstarter campaign with a $10K goal which was reached in just a few days, and then continued to pass the goal to end with nearly $19K. The campaign had some very creative contribution levels, such as a personalized voicemail message recorded by a band member and delivered as an mp3, recording the final minute of tribal drumbeats for the album, providing lyrics and having the band compose a song from them, and even a live Voyager show at your house (no pledges on this one!).


“V” kicks off in high gear with the track ‘Hyperventilating’ with some great guitar riffs and drum rhythms, continuing with more straightforward but very catchy track ‘Breaking Down’. Emotionally charged ‘Peacekeeper’ and ‘Summer Always Comes Again’ round out the album with their slower pace and thought-provoking lyrics. Not a bad one out of the thirteen on the album. While true to Voyager’s unique sound, there are little things throughout - harmonies, female vocals, riffs - that keep the songs interesting and show the talent within this band.

Having experienced a live Voyager show a couple years ago at the ProgPower USA festival, you don’t want to miss them if a tour comes around. This is a band that has huge amounts of fun on stage and makes sure the audience does too.

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