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Evile – Five Serpent’s Teeth

Label: Earache
Format: CD download
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 8/ 10

The new wave of thrash brought to you by the younger generation (Bonded By Blood, Havok, Toxic Holocaust, Warbringer, Mantic Ritual, Lazarus A.D., Gama Bomb) has been in full swing for several years now and it appears Evile are one of the leaders. Here, with “Five Serpent’s Teeth”, this was a nice surprise. Not often do I hear an influence of Annihilator’s Jeff Waters in the vocals, riffing combinations and tempo changes (see especially "Five Serpent’s" title track and ‘Eternal Empire’) in new metal bands. Mix in some of Metallica’s "Master Of Puppets" (you would swear Hetfield did the vocal for ‘In Memoriam’) throughout these ten tunes and you get the third album from these UK thrashers. I’m also diggin the solo section to ‘In Dreams Of Terror’, reminds of the abrupt time changes Overkill used on the album "Under The Influence", and the grooves, switching to soloing, during 'Descent Into Madness'. Crunchy riffs, a slower beat and melodic leads compliment the arrangement in ‘Cult’. Definitely Kreator in the opening of ‘Origin Of Oblivion’ and then doses of Destruction in that full on delivery.


Definitely on their way to A-listers.

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