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House Of Lords – Big Money

Label: Frontiers
Format: CD download
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 8.5/ 10

I’m happy to hear that after delivering three strong albums in a row, "World Upside Down", "Come To My Kingdom", "Cartesian Dreams", singer Greg Christian and his current lineup of the Lords did not exhaust all their ideas and creativity. With a little bit of a less polished production (you can hear it in the guitars on the opening title track), "Big Money" keeps the consistency in sound and style heard from their last three albums.


Just from the first couple notes and vocals, ‘One Man Down’ could have easily been on "Sahara", great stuff. ‘First To Cry’ is a solid arrangement to follow with a melody line that again captures all House Of Lords is known for and Jimi Bell (guitars since "World Upside Down") delivers a tasteful melodic solo. Keyboards are up in the mix for movie soundtrack ready ‘Someday When’, guitars lead the way for a slower groove based ‘Searchin’ and ‘Living In A Dream World’ which has little bit of a Middle-eastern feel to the accenting keyboards. ‘The Next Time I Hold You’ is your obligatory power ballad with a piano base and keyboards. It’s ok, but not their best. Linear riffs and keyboards with those big backing vocals in ‘Run For Your Life’ gets things back on track. ‘Seven’, ‘Once Again’, and ‘Blood’ close the album, all have a great melodic hook but with attitude and more energy in the rockin guitars and drums again showing Jimi’s playing is really what many of these songs are written around.

Once again I like, I like. Keep it up guys. And those of you who’ve been sleepin on post 80s Lords…wake up!

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