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Exxplorer - Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse

Label: Pure Steel
Format: CD download
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 8/ 10

Anyone looking for "Symphonies Of Steel, part 2" is going to be mildly disappointed. That said, the reunited/resurrected New Jersey metallers kick off with ‘Gypsy’, which retains the classic 80s sound, as well as killer solo and some high pitched vocals. Definitely a step in the right (retro) direction.


Speaking of highs, check out Lennie Rizzo’s vocal register on the infectious romp ‘Chasing The High’. There’s a full blown 4:01 instrumental, "The Vengeance" and chugging old school "As The Crow Flies". However the latter half of the disc (apart from lively ‘Valley Of Doom’) deviates into non-traditional, slightly more commercial (‘S.N.O.E.’ and Sunset Strip inspired ‘Freight Train To Hell’) material. Haven’t heard a guitar tone like ‘Spirits Of The Wind’ in years! There are nine tracks on the proper album, with ‘Return Of The Cycle’ a European bonus. It kind of goes without saying, but explore this option.

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