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Anthrax – Worship Music

Label: Megaforce
Format: CD
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 7.5/ 10

Joey Belladonna is back on vocals! Now this is the Anthrax I wanna hear! Ya gotta admit, the four albums with Bush singing had a few good songs on each, but Anthrax at the time were trying so hard (and it was annoying) to adapt to and be hip to current metal sounds and styles and it just wasn’t themselves. Mission failed, fellas.


With Joey back singing, (and nothing against John Bush who sang with Anthrax for a little more than ten years) it’s a great move because he is the voice of Anthrax. And while the opening track ‘Earth On Hell’ is structured and delivered in a similar aggressive fashion to Bush-era tunes like ‘What Doesn’t Die’ (from "We’ve Come For You All"), the first two singles from "Worship Music"; ‘Fight Em Till You Can’t’ and ‘The Devil You Know’, sound more like Belladonna era and "Persistence Of Time" than anything. Like "Persistence", "Worship Music" is also not "Among The Living" thrash, more varied, see ‘I’m Alive’ and the rhythmic begun ‘In The End’ with its heavy guitars which also hits an excellent romping stride pre solo. ‘The Giant’ follows with a more updated riff and pounding beat, hits like more recent Anthrax albums, still a solid groove and punch and Frank’s (Bello) bouncy bass is heard nicely in the mix.

After a short unnecessary drum intro, ‘Judas Priest’ pays tribute (in lyrics) to the British Metal Gods, ‘Crawl’ at its start doesn’t work, seeing Thrax getting in touch with their moody/experimental side but the verses and chorus make up for it. The swirling riff and drums work for ‘The Constant’ and I like how it moves into a more aggressive chorus. Good arrangement. ‘Revolution Screams’ is fifteen minutes long (with some empty dead air after 6 min??) using some faster heavier beats and guitars with the chorus, but the modern riffing and beats, backing vocals, for the last four minutes through me off. Sounds like a Disturbed tune.

Pretty good beginning to end. Next time though I’d love to hear something more consistent in style that comes closer to recapturing "Among The Living" and dare I say (if its even possible?)..."Spreading The Disease". Hey it is, Megadeth captured the magic on "Endgame", Testament on "The Formation Of Damnation", and Overkill with "Ironbound".

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