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Megadeth – Th1rt3en

Label: Roadrunner
Format: CD
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 8.5/ 10

I loved Megadeth’s last album "Endgame", such a great marriage of "Rust In Peace" and "Countdown To Extinction". If you had any complaints about that album you’re just impossible to please then. With “Th1rt3en” (and even though his back is turned still good to see Vic Rattlehead on the cover artwork), Dave Mustaine (vocals/guitar) has decided to bring more variety to the table writing a collection of music that has more in common with "Youthanasia" (which I think is a good move creatively) than any other album. Why?, because over time "Youthanasia" is somewhat overlooked aside from the songs ‘Train Of Consequences’ and ‘A Tout le Monde’ which always makes a reappearance live. Granted, I wish there was a bit more thrash on "Th1rt3en" as well, but the solid songs make up for it.


Starting things off on the right foot, ‘Sudden Death’ is nicely riff and solo driven with Mustaine and his newest (and hopefully final) six-string cohort Chris Broderick delivering one ear bleeding lick after another. Brings me back to the days of "Peace Sells But Who’s Buying" and "So Far So Good, So What". ‘Public Enemy No.1’ is solid straight forward rocker along the lines of ‘Skin O My teeth’ maybe?, and ‘Who’s Life Is It Anyway’ is not bad and a bit different because of the initial straight forward punkish delivery. ‘We The People’ is the first of many moments when "Youthanasia" comes to mind because of the riffs pattern, complimenting leads, and arrangement. ‘Guns, Drugs, & Money’ (also ‘Deadly Nightshade’) is carried by a catchy little riff with Mustaine’s snarl sounding smart and witty like his lyrics. ‘Never Dead’ brings back some thrash! Nice! Good to hear Shawn Drover do his thing on the drums, and Dave Ellefson making his recording return for this album. ‘Fast Lane’ is a little nastier and that tempo/riff change and solo is just killer! ‘New World Order’, ‘Black Swan’, and ‘Wrecker’ all offer up more variety in riffing, tempos, and beats, no repetition. And closing things strong is the title track which sees Mustaine reflecting on his past and the melody line/chorus is great throughout, also love the change mid way.

Get it now! O...and again Megadeth have made a better album than Metallica (yeah I know, "Lulu" with Lou Reed is not a Metallica album, still it blows).

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