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Evile - Five Serpent’s Teeth

Label: Earache
Format: CD download
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7/ 10

What year is it? 1987? Biggest compliment I can give the Brit’s third disc is that it sounds straight out of 25 years ago.


Vocalist Mike Drake was barely in kindergarten, his brother/lead guitarist Ol Drake just out of diapers, yet this is vintage Bay Area thrash from the UK! Given the timing (around the Big 4 reunion), this proves a double edge sword, as the fans who initially missed the genre’s biggest names (back in their heyday) are undeniably interest in style of old school thrash Evile dish out. Yet, there’s no longer an absence of the original, so can a ‘next generation’ thrive/survive while the old guard is still around? Imagine a missing Metallica album between "Master Of Puppets" and the "black album": polished, yet still letting that youthful exuberance shine through. Scary how close it really is to that vintage sound (listen to the riffing break in ‘Eternal Empire’)! ‘In Dreams Of Terror’, ‘Origin Of Oblivion’ and ‘Descent Into Madness’ are heads down, thrashers, start to finish, while ‘Cult’ is more of a mid-tempo number, punctuated by the odd solo. Given the title, the bass solo led ‘In Memoriam’ is undoubtedly dedicated towards their departed four-string mate, Mike Alexander (and in a way, maybe Cliff Burton).

More than competent, however, as someone old enough to have lived through the initial invasion, I must admit that after six or seven tunes, found myself losing interest (been there, done that sameness).

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