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Majesty – Own The Crown

Label: Massacre
Format: CD download
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 6/ 10

After a brief stint as Metal Force, the German outfit returns to the name Majesty to unload a dual disc, complete with greatest hits, a pair of new songs, trio of reworked classics, as well as old bonus-only and early demo tracks, 27 in total. Makes it a convenient point, for those that have previously ignored the band, to jump onboard, otherwise an non-essential purchase.


Singer Tarek Maghary also organizes the Keep It True (also the name of the Majesty debut!) festival, so you’ve got an idea of the traditional based (some say Manowar inspired: ‘Reign In Glory’) flavor. Like their heroes, their favorite musical form is featured prominently in the titles and lyrics. Case in point, ‘Metal Law’ kicks things off, with a guest appearance by Udo Dirkschneider in the chorus. Said track seems to be an attempt to find a hymn/anthem for the festival (as many of the Deutsche events have), although ‘Keep It True’ is also presented here. A somewhat binary approach, either speedy fist thrusters or plodding, flag waving anthems, Majesty are better at the former. One notable exception is the 9:04 piano accompanied ‘Aria Of Bravery’: big concept, a little weak in execution (especially black metal shriek). ‘Hellforces’ is when they get it right. The two mid-tempo newbies include, ‘Own The Crown’ a chest beating ode, the titular phrase repeated throughout the chorus and ‘Metal On The Road’, an autobiographical (?) tale of the band’s live exploits.

Alongside like-minded (but higher caliber) Stormwarrior, trying to usher in the next generation of true Teutonic metal.

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