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Overtures - Rebirth

Label: Sleazy Rider
Format: CD download
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 6.5/ 10

OK, it’s label hype, but when someone says "this might be the best Helloween record (never released) since "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Pt.2"", I’ve got to investigate, even if it’s just to verify they’ve taken one of the "lords" name in vain. Either way, the Greek label’s promo department did their job, having me listen to the second album from this heretofore unknown Italian outfit. No easy feat in the over-crowded melodic, clean voiced power metal field.


Overtures is a little more hard rock than pure metal, by my sensibilities (might have to do with omnipresent keyboards or the jangly alt rock of ‘The Prophecy’), but definitely veer into both harder and more progressive territories, at times. Regardless, still well crafted, toe-tapping compositions. ‘You Can’t Spit On Me’ is an unusual title, but a defiantly pop number. Follow-up ‘Delirium’ kicks off with liturgical organ, while ‘Farewell’ features some good guitar amongst its grittier structure. Thankfully, the symphonic, piano and tympani introduced ‘Daemons’ is saved for the end of the platter, although an alternate/acoustic version of ‘Not Too Late’ actually closes things out. Have heard a lot worse from much bigger names. A fun discovery.

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