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Rhapsody Of Fire - From Chaos To Eternity

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD download
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 8/ 10

Freed from the shackles of Joey DeMaio managed inactivity, the neo-classical Italian power metallers are looking to make up for lost time/opportunities, as this will be their third release in a year (two studio albums and a EP), plus Fabio Lione has temporarily taken the microphone for Kamelot’s 2011 tours!


Apart from the Christopher Lee intro and the massive 19:38 ‘Heroes Of The Waterfall’s Kingdom’ closer (split into five, titled sub-sections), these tunes are all in the 4-to-5 minute range. Like an overturned hornets’ nest Luca Turilli’s guitar is a blaze of activity to start the titular cut, followed close behind by founder Alex Staropoli’s keyboards, topped with Lione’s soaring vocals (backed by choirs). In other words, not much different to earlier Rhapsody works, not Trilli’s solo output. Thankfully! Don’t know about you, but certainly not interested in Rhap-grunge nor nu-Rhap metalcore. ‘Tempesta Di Fuoco’, complete with classical piano run, is sung in their native tongue, as is the operatic baritone accompanied ‘Anima Perduta’. Don’t like the Nintendo guitar tones though. For Dungeons & Dragons/Tolkein fanatics, lyrically this marks an end to the fantasy saga begun with their "Legendary Tales" debut. A bit of sinister black metal vocals creeps into the straight forward ‘Aeons Of Raging Darkness’, while ‘I Belong To The Stars’ is a rather subdued (ie. non-bombastic) near ballad. ‘Tornado’ has nothing on Yngwie Malmsteen, with its speedy guitar sweeps. The finale is nearly longer than their "Cold Embrace Of Fear" Ep, pulling out all the stops (multiple throats, all the aforementioned vocal stylings and musical tempos), including another narrative from the venerable British horror actor. Goodbye and welcome back.

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