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Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum Insanus

Label: Season of Mist
Format: CD
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: The Goat
Rating: 10/ 10

This release is certainly gonna mess with people. Like The Haunted’s latest, "Illud Divinum Insanus" will test Morbid Angel’s fans. It is, if you’ll pardon the pun, very extreme. Now, I hadn’t caught their last release “Heretic”, so I am not certain if this is a progression from that or not. I will say that anyone disappointed with their catalogue since David Vincent left will be in for a bit of a shock if this is the sole reason they seek this one out. I am very certain, however, that this will definitely divide the camps.


The opening intro is very promising but deceptively so, since what follows is one of the most deranged songs I have had ever heard. "TOO EXTREME!" is a devastating blast of industrialized war chant / Satanic rave tune. This is definitely on the playlist of Lucifer’s DJs as they torment souls in Hell. Fear not my fine Morbidites, for the Angel has not forsaken you. ‘Existo Vulgore’ and ‘Blades For Baal’ bludgeon and shred like the old days/ways and you’ll see they haven’t lost it. Yet, Tim Yeung’s drumming, as insane as it is, borders on the mechanized a la Hoglan. Trey’s guitar solos will remind and inspire all those budding guitarists that in order to be good you gotta sign on Beelzebub’s dotted line, in blood. David Vincent’s influence is felt all over the place, especially on ‘I Am Morbid’, which is an anthemic fight song that revels in a Pantera-ish stomp.

Overall, I am utterly addicted to this album. It will get you amped up with it’s hooks and melodic attacks. To those fans who miss "Covenant" era Morbid Angel, accept this change and realize nothing can stay the same, nor should it. In my opinion, Trey Azagthoth was getting a little too eccentric and esoteric, so I welcome this change up and the effect David Vincent has had on this album.

Best Songs: ‘TOO EXTREME!’, ‘Nevermore’, ‘Existo Vulgore’, ‘Destructos Vs. Earth / Attack’.

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