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Death Wolf – Death Wolf

Label: Regain Records/Blooddawn
Format: CD download
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: The Goat
Rating: 10/ 10

When I was younger I used to use my imagination to compare and contrast bands by mixing and matching up singers with other bands (kinda like when you could figure out that you could mix and match G. I. Joes by unscrewing their backs... but musically). Mind you, this was a time when most bands were pretty original and no one really copied each other quite as much. I would wonder, for example, what Layne Staley (Alice In Chains) would sound like if he sang for Grip, Inc or some other thrashier band. I bring this up because Death Wolf is what the Haunted would sound like if Danzig replaced Peter Dolving, in an a most awesome way.


Apparently, after Morgan (Marduk) shuttered the door on Devil’s Whorehouse (which incidentally was an awesome Misfits like band), he resurrected the band as Death Wolf. Not entirely certain why this needed to happen but perhaps it was to unleash a stronger and more creative demonic musical entity. Whatever the reason, I’m glad it happened.

The opening track, ‘Circle of Abomination’, will tear your head off and leave you wishing you had five more to lose in the same manner. This is just the beginning... of the end. ‘The Other Hell’ truly struts the awesomeness that is Death Wolf and its potential. This is what Slayer would sound like if Danzig replaced Tom Arraya. It makes me long for a darker more disturbed Glenn of yore. I dare you NOT to sing along in your best Evil Elvis voice.

But wait! Death Wolf is NOT done with you yet. ‘Morning Czar Shineth’ is the song the afore mentioned bands wished they had wrote. It is a twisted malevolent piece of midpaced musical menace. ‘Coming Forth By Night’ is seriously a lost track from "How The Gods Kill". Don't forget ‘Wolf’s Pallid Sister’, on this sinister slithering track, Maelstrom’s snarl sounds more Jeff Martin from The Tea Party than Glenn’s and the music had a touch of a Middle eastern rhythm to it that just makes it darker.

I highly recommend Death Wolf for those out there that are mourning Danzig’s recent output and yearn for the old days. This release seriously delivers and then some. Best Tracks: ALL OF THEM, but in particular: ‘The Other Hell’, ‘Wolfs Pallid Sister’, ‘Unto Dying Eyes’, and ‘Coming Forth By Night’ (most Danzig songs Danzig never wrote).

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