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U.D.O. - Leatherhead (EP)

Label: AFM
Format: CD download
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 5/ 10

Four track pre-release Ep from the former Accept frontman. Only the title track and ‘Rock N Roll Soldiers’ will be reprised on the "Rev-Raptor" full-length, which is a good thing. Hey, I love the man’s solo output and the live show, liberally peppered with Accept gems, remains first rate, but given the mediocre (at best) "quality" of these songs, especially in light of the barn-burner his former bandmates have issued, U.D.O., the man and the band, need something stronger! ‘Leatherhead’ kicks off the platter, with that gritty, mid-tempo mechanized guitar buzz alternating with subtle passages punctuated by Herr Dirkschneider’s raspy throat.


After a promising opening, the aforementioned ‘Soldiers’ also slides back into formula, but houses the only legitimate guitar spotlight of the bunch. ‘Free Or Rebellion’ is a metal anthem. Again, powerful start that hints at better things never delivered. The best track of an admittedly weak offering. The concluding ‘Run!’ is good advice to anyone misguided enough to attempt listening to the nearly six minute multi-voiced piano ballad. Score might have been even lower, but for deference to the man’s historical body of work. Hopefully the actual album will right the listing (and listless) ship.

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