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Whitesnake - Forevermore

Label: Frontiers
Format: CD download
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7/ 10

OK, I didn’t expect this to be the second coming of Slayer, nor did I expect a return to the Moody/Marsden blues-fests of the late 70s/pre-MTV 80s (although ‘My Evil Ways’ comes close), but given the strength of David Coverdale’s last effort, "Good To Be Bad" (plus the excellent guitar tandem of Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich), there ARE expectations with Whitesnake 2012. Sadly, they’ve generally opted for mid-tempo (at best) love ballads, with the odd acoustic touch and a rare revved up moment (unlike its predecessor). Where that album rocked, this one is way too mellow! Really a good, bad and ugly mixed bag, which if it had been the comeback album, would have been passable, but now, it’s mostly "pass it by".


The opening upbeat stomp of ‘Steal Your Heart Away’ is a keeper, as are ‘Love And Treat Me Right’, ‘Whipping Boy Blues’. Of course the devout (?) will rejoice and be happy to recall yesteryear, which is all well and good, but hardly worthy of parting with increasingly stocks of disposable income (especially amongst the aging, family set). The bouncy backbeat of ‘Easier Said Than Done’ recalls Neil Young to these ears, circa his involvement with Crazy Horse. ‘I Need You (Shine A Light)’ has a bit of old school swagger, complete with female back-up singers and a tasty guitar break. Ditto the intro to ‘Dogs In The Street’, although it quickly dissipates. The stronger (more rock) material is definitely late in the 13 song running order. The jangly acoustic guitar (and synthesized strings) change of pace, ‘Fare Thee Well’, could be The (London) Quireboys. Give me some more of that lively stuff!

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