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Onslaught - Sounds Of Violence

Label: AFM
Format: CD download
Released: 2011
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7/ 10

Sounds a lot like another reformation, Bay Area thrashers Testament (although the full-on brutality of ‘Rest In Pieces’ and ‘Godhead’, down to the a cappella shouted chorus of "you're fucking evil" echo Destruction's ‘Nailed to The Cross’). Vicious? Yes, Derivative? Yes. The Testament-like title track utilizes snippets of electronic modulated vox. ‘Code Black’ is predominately a sludgy grind, until the nitro fueled chorus (which utters "new world order"). After the short military snare cadence intro of ‘Into The Abyss’, there's some serious Kerry King styled whammy bar action early in ‘Born For War’ while dissonant (Fear Factory?) mechanized guitar squelch on ‘Hatebox’. 'Suicideology' is as fast as it gets, ‘Antitheist’ follows on the same vehemently anti-religious slant as the "spitting blood in the face of God" opener from the “Killing Peace” title cut.


Appropriately entitled ‘End Of The Storm’ is a 1:40 piano solo/intermezzo that ends the proper album, before the Motorhead cover (‘Bomber’) which features guitarist Phil Campbell and co-vocals by Sodom's Tom Angelripper.

Decent, just color by numbers influences still visible.

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