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Abigail Williams- In the Absence of Light

Label: Candlelight Records
Format: CD download
Released: 2010/ U.S. - Jan/2011
Reviewed By: Adam Kerman
Rating: 5/ 10

Originally a Melodic Blackened/ Deathcore band from Arizona with more lineup changes then the amount of fingers and toes on my body, Abigail Williams return with their second full length but with a much different sound, image, and home turf (New York). "In the Absence of Light" is a strictly melodic black metal album, no strings attached, no deathcore. At first listen anyone can hear the difference between this and past releases, especially their first full length “In The Shadow of A Thousand Suns”. However, can "In The Absence of Light" win over many black metal fans who never really gave this band a listen due to its past?


There are many noticeable influences on "In The Absence of Light", and Dissection and Watain (Sweden’s finest Black Metal bands with tons of melodic riffs) come to mind. Hell, "In The Absence of Light" sounds like an album that could have come from Sweden, although, despite the positive things I have to say (like the many amazing riffs and solos), there seems to be one problem that really drags this album down, the redundant songwriting. "Absence of Light" on a whole sounds like one long song and at times even un-inspired. Every arrangement has its moments, but each song as a whole lacks that certain element/idea a listener hears that instantly drags them into the album. The only time my mind stayed focused on a track was when hearing keyboards or a catchy riff that caught my attention. Unfortunately, something in Abigail Williams’ writing is inconsistent.

"Absence of Light" is not a bad listen what so ever (some of the riffs and overall music was just great), it was just the overall songwriting and lack of inspiration that killed it. Maybe these songs played live would sound better (which does happen), but rest a sure "In the Absence of Light" will not be spinning in my CD player as many times that Abigail Williams will play shows. A better effort and hopefully the follow up will be more memorable overall!

Best tracks: ‘Final Destiny Of The Gods’, ‘The Mysteries That Blind The Flesh’, and ‘In Death Come The Great Silence’.

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