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Hate – Erebos

Label: Listenable Records
Format: CD download
Released: 2010/ U.S. - Jan/2011
Reviewed By: Andrew Jantas
Rating: 8/ 10

Like Behemoth, these Polish extreme metallers (who also wear corpsepaint) play a similar style of blackened death metal. Hate continue to crank it up a notch each release and the 10 track "Erebos" continues to show that these guys are not messing around when it comes to producing quality death metal.


The acoustic passage in ‘Genesis’ is just prelude to the punishment that is about to unfold and with this 7th release I've noticed there is a lot more groove and flow (tracks ‘Hexagony’and ‘Transsubstance’ shows it the most) this time around then the previous album "Morphosis". Some may not like this as it is similar to what Behemoth has been doing on their recent records but do not fear the speed and brutality are still there (if bands like Rotting Christ can do it, so can Hate). Drummer Hexen shows he can stay toe to toe with Behemoth’s Inferno in the speed and precision department (yes, I have witnessed this live on their first tour of the US with Hypocrisy this past spring/summer, this fucker is FAST and he is still pretty new to the band having joined in 2006).

The most brutal tracks on "Erebos", and the ones the majority of the fans will want to hear live (I’m guessing), will probably be ‘Lux Aeterna’, ‘Hero Cults’, ‘Luminous Horizon’, and title track. These are classic Hate and vocalist ATF Sinner delivers roaring blasphemous lyrics and crunching brutal riffs that penetrate the mind and soul (Ex. on ‘Lux Aeterna’ – "Shine on! Through pestilence! Through infant lige of worlds! Shine on! Through mighty chaos! Through sultry eyes of god!"). Some may say he is a clone Nergal from Behemoth but his gruff vox are a lil deeper and not as raspy. I would say they sound more similar to Alex from Krisiun mixed with Nergal. On ‘Hero Cults’ in the midst of all the blasting and deadly riffing there is a great melodic like passage at the 0:42 mark and last track ‘Lumious Horizon’ there is a brilliant solo at 4:11 before commencing with more brutality.

If you have never heard Hate before and like monster crushing riffs and tons of double bass I implore you to check them out, especially if you were a little disappointed with the last 2 Behemoth albums. Hate will be returning back to the States this spring for a tour with none other than Rotting Christ, Abigail Williams, Lecherous Nocturne, and Israeli Middle Eastern deathsters Melechesh. This is a tour NOBODY who likes death metal should miss!

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