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Rhapsody Of Fire - The Cold Embrace Of Fear (EP)

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD download
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 6/ 10

Hot on the heels of their return album, Frozen Tears Of Angels, the Italians issue this seven track symphonic tale, subtitled 'A Dark Romantic Symphony'. Basically it's a 35-minute song, subdivided into seven acts, with plenty of spoken action and Christopher Lee voiceovers. If their regular output is considered (somewhat derogatorily) "Broadway Metal" then this a Hollywood Orchestral overture, a good portion devoid standard metal instrumentation.


After a non-metal, all-orchestral opening, part II, aka 'Dark Mystic Vision', opens as an acoustic guitar, Italian sung aria. In fact, much of the lyrical content throughout is delivered in their native tongue. 'Act V - Neve Rosso Sangue' begins with cooing female voices, atop mandolin, which is joined by flute for the minimalistic Italian lyric duet which leads directly into the more bombastic (albeit mid-tempo, Manowar-ish) 'Erian's Lost Secrets'. Ending much as it began, 'The Angels' Dark Revelation' finale is predominately Lee's spoken words and a choir of "ah, ah" building to concluding crescendo.

Overall, not a ton of new Rhapsody "tunes".

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