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Grave- Burial Ground

Label: Regain Records
Format: CD download
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: Adam Kerman
Rating: 8/ 10

One of Swedish Death Metal's most consistent bands, Grave is back with a new album and if the title doesn't get your attention then the cover artwork definitely will. While staying consistent with a sound and style is important, sometimes bands fall into a rut not producing anything new that's interesting often recycling ideas for every album, Grave is no exception. "Burial Ground" is an example, however, do not let that statement fool you because it is a great album with the intensity that only Swedish musician can produce!


'Liberation', a traditional Grave song that almost sounds like something off "You'll Never See...", is a great opener indeed and after the first 30 seconds you know you're in for another solid release. 'Semblance In Black' is another fast paced song full of speed and aggression. 'Dismembered Mind' is one of the better ones, even co written by fellow Swedish death metaller and frontman of Dismembered, Matti Karki, complete with those necessary and various time changes! 'Ridden with Belief', 'Conquerer', and 'Outcast' are the weaker tracks with not as much flavor and spice as the first half of the album, yet still an enjoyable listen.

A treat for the old-school Grave fans, track 8 is a re-recorded version of 'Sexual Mutilation' from the bands second demo, "Sexual Mutilation", and 'Bloodtrail' also features a special guest appearance by Nile's Karl Sanders shredding a solo to help close out another excellent tune. The title track is the slowest of the 9 and isn't anything special, a weak closer in my opinion but that doesn't tarnish that fact that "Burial Ground" was another strong album by Grave!

Best tracks are 'Liberation', 'Semblance In Black', 'Dismembered Minds', 'Sexual Mutilation', and 'Bloodtrail'.

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