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Setherial- Ekpyrosis

Label: Regain
Format: CD download
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: Adam Kerman
Rating: 7/ 10

One of the lesser popular bands in the world of Swedish Black Metal, it's strange how Setherial don't get the credit they truly deserve for always putting out good quality albums filled with powerful riffs, exploding blast beats, and lyrics and vocals that breathe pure hellfire. Their first two albums were some of the best (Swedish) Black Metal to come out in the late 90s, and now that it has been four years since they released any material. It's about time Setherial gets the credit and attention that they deserve for "Ekpyrosis".


Common with many of Sweden's black metal bands, Setherial have always been one of the more faster and brutal that incorporate large doses of blast beats, and "Ekpyrosis" is a good example of this. Starting off with 'A World In Hell' (the most experimental track on the album), delivers technical riffs not heard from Setherial before and there is also a promotional video that really gives a visual experience of what a world in Hell is really like! However, 'A World In Hell' is really the only stand out track in the album. While well written, the record tends to drag on for awhile, and even though Infaustus has one hell of a voice, his vocals don't really hold up long because you'll get tired of them after the first half of the album.

What is a huge plus though, is the production. The last couple of Setherial albums continued the tradition of a raw and cheaper value while "Ekpyrosis" sounds great and everything is well mixed, except for the bass (but when do you actually hear the bass in most black metal bands?). Hidden behind the wall of sound are countless melodic riffs which make this album a bit enjoyable in a sense, although on a whole, sounds like one long song. I know, I'm somewhat contradicting myself, hahaha.

In closing, for the most part "Ekpyrosis" is solid, if you like Marduk styled black metal blended with melodic riffs. As big a Black Metal fan I am, some albums just can't hold my attention too long because of repetition in the arrangements (case in point here), but this album was written too well to give a poor grade.

Best tracks are 'A World In Hell', 'The Devouring Eye', and 'Enemy of Creation'.

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