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Dust And Bones - Voodoo

Label: Perris Records
Format: CD
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: Stingray
Rating: 9/ 10

Dust and Bones formed in St. Louis, Mo, back in 2008 with Nick Elmore on lead/backing vocals/harmonica, Sean Quidgeon (guitars/backing vocals), Jon "Big Dawg" Jackson (bass/lead/backing vocals) and Ryan Riggs (drums/backing vocals).


Taken from their Myspace (www.myspace.com/dustandbonesroxxx) a quote reads; "Rock N Roll has taken a back seat far too long and Dust and Bones calls 'shotgun'". However, I disagree, Nick and the guys have taken the driver's seat - Sleaze Rock at it's finest. Catchy hooks, humorous lyrics (i.e. 'Whiskey Dick'), foot tapping hard rock, I found myself singing along on the second listening.

The opening of 'She's On Fire' made me think of Sleeze Beez, Little Caesar, and some Junkyard to name just a few. I knew I'd end up liking this. The tracks are melodic, sleazy, with a little bit of funk thrown in. It's hard to pinpoint a "sounds like" as I also hear Bullet Boys, Tesla, Dangerous Toys, Aerosmith, Tattoo Rodeo, L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, but yet at the same time, Dust and Bones. My favorites tunes would have to be 'Come Up Swinging', 'Whiskey Dick', and 'Feed My Disease'.

If their live show is as energy packed as the recording you bet I'll be there when they come to town. Stay tuned.. the follow up album "Rock n Roll Show" is due out in February 2011.

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