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While Heaven Wept - Triumph: Tragedy: Transcendence - Live At The Hammer Of Doom Festival

Label: Cruz Del Sur
Format: CD/DVD
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 8/ 10

From the Feb. 2010 German festival date, this is available with an accompanying DVD. The seven song performance is equally split between the newest “Vast Oceans Lachrymose” (instrumental title cut begins this album, an audience sing-along version of ‘Vessel’ and ‘The Furthest Shore’) and "Of Empires Forlorn" material (title track, which is the most consistently heavy offering, ‘The Drowning Years’ and ‘Soulsadness’), with the odd man out being ‘98’s "Thus With A Kiss I Die". Said emotive, gargantuan death/doom tune closes out the set, lasting almost 19 minutes! Following the lilting dream state of an opener, guitars kick in for ‘The Furthest Shores Parts 1-3’. Despite being a live testimonial, the CD fades to silence between tracks. There’s really not a contemporary eclectic mix of progressive, doom and melodic rock. Opeth might come close, but nowhere near as musical, and WHW is American!?!


Amazing stuff, just a damn shame it’s not longer.

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