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Secret Sphere - Archetype

Label: Scarlet
Format: CD download
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 5/ 10

This is the band who played ProgPower USA a few years back, now issuing their sixth studio effort, the homegrown Italian version containing two extra tracks (‘Vertigo’ ballad and the dual sexed Roxette cover, ‘The Look’). Following the intro, ‘Line Of Fire’ adopts a ‘kitchen sink’ approach to the songwriting, distinct audio references to Nightwish, HammerFall (the titular phrase is delivered in a virtual aping of the Swede’s ‘Hearts On Fire’) and power metal, in general. Heavy on the keys and echoing gang vocals for the ‘Death From Above’ follow-up, something of a nod to Kamelot, by way of Jon Oliva’s solo output. ‘The Scars That You Can’t See’ has guitars you can’t hear, piano being the dominate instrument of choice. Suddenly it’s re-live the 80s falsetto, to start the symphonic string accompanied ‘More Than Myself’. The Kamelot meets Nightwish ‘Future’ works pretty well, but we’re already half way through the disc!


From there, it’s pretty sure footed and smooth sailing (although the echoing double tracked vocals get annoying), with ‘Into The Void’ being the album’s standout track. For ‘All In A Moment’, there’s suddenly lead female vocals and a new male intonation. The title track is aggressive, with a modern edge (apart from the piano interruptions).

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