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Toxxic Toyz - Mutation

Label: Nightmare
Format: CD download
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 6/ 10

Despite the decidedly 80s glam moniker, Toxxic Toyz are a politically aware French outfit, clearly in the power/prog vein. After a protracted intro, the nine songs (most flirting with or exceeding the seven minute mark) are guitar-filled, easy on the ears anthems, with a message. The opening ‘Racing The Clock’, in addition to a humanitarian slant, features some fleet fingered fretwork. Bigger bottom end rumble on the likes of ‘Chaos’ ("new world order, fuck off!") and ‘The Plague’, with partially modulated vocals.


‘Time For Action’ is the first overtly prog-metal number. ‘Innocent Blood’, with its wild instrumental mid-section, seems directed at Muslim terrorists who behead their captives. By contrast, ‘Worth Gold’ has almost a breezy, ‘Summertime Girls’ (Y&T) melody about it. ‘Reasons For Our Fall’ is a likeable metal number, but the balladry of ‘In The Garden’ should be avoided at all costs. Like religious lyrics (veiled intent here?), this gets a little too preachy at times, general listening to music for escapism. Heady stuff, tolerable in smaller doses.

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