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God Dethroned - Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross

Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD download
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 7/ 10

"Under the Sign of the Iron Cross" (with accompanying artwork) is the second concept album about World War One and the different happenings of the war; the battle of Verdun, the Schlieffen Plan and one of history’s most well known fighter pilots, The Red Baron. After a short (and really useless) intro ‘The Declaration Of War’, ‘Storm Of Steel’ rips and tears at the listener for 3:41 seconds with an onslaught of gun firing riffs and tank rolling drum beats. What follows?...huh, well it ain’t pretty, people,...’Firestorm’ completely lives up to its name and even with a slowed opening tempo and the occasional melodic guitar leads, ‘The Killing Is Faceless’ delivers round after round of deadly musical fury. ‘Through Byzantine Hemispheres’ gives a breath of air to the soldiers (and the arrangement).


God Dethroned are one of the more regarded names punishing metalheads with death metal and "Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross" is considered one of their heaviest to date. Good production too.

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