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Crystal Viper - Legends

Label: Crystal Viper - Legends
Format: CD download
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7/ 10

Female fronted Polish traditional metallers issue their third studio album, following closely on the heels of this summer’s live disc (“Defenders Of The Magic Circle” – Live In Germany): nine songs, the opening ‘The Truth’ intro and a bonus (on select formats) of Accept’s ‘TV War’. Each song was inspired by a Polish tale of Medieval folklore, although all are sung in English and Primal Fear’s Mat Sinner joins in on a galloping ‘Blood Of The Heroes’. Their homeland’s proximity to Deutschland has apparently rubbed off, in terms of affinity for meat and potatoes metal.


The ballad, ‘Sydonia Bork’, sung in heavily accented English, is one exception. Otherwise, it’s rollicking fist pumping anthems. At times (‘Goddess Of Death’), the guitars remind me a bit of Lordian Guard, the post-Warlod outfit guitarist Bill Tsamis formed with his wife (or maybe it’s subconsciously Marta Gabriel’s vocals, knowing her husband produces Crystal Viper albums).

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