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Seven Kingdoms – Seven Kingdoms

Label: Nightmare
Format: CD download
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 6.5/ 10

Official worldwide issuance of sophomore album these female-fronted, twin guitar, power metal Floridians released themselves in Oct. ’09 and saw it quickly sell out. ‘The Ones Who Breathe The Flame’ and ‘Eyes To The North’ see a gruff (proto-death) male vocalist accompanying Sabrina Valentine, similar to the latest by Epica. While generally upbeat, the straight forward ‘Open The Gates’, with its extended jam segment, works best. There’s some good riffage in ‘Vengeance By The Sons Of A King’ as well.


The pedestrian classic rock format of ‘Wolf In Sheep’s Clothes’ is a rare misstep. ‘A Murder Never Dead’ is basically a ballad, just Valentine and soft piano notes. ‘Into The Darkness’ returns things to a blistering pace, with a little heavier bottom end. They close with their galloping signature tune, more than a nod to Iced Earth. Good to hear this style of music emanating from North America, even better that a domestic label is giving it a home. Certainly one to watch.

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