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Halford 3 – Winter Songs

Label: Metal God Records
Format: CD
Released: 2009
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 7/ 10

For his latest solo outing, amongst Mr. Halford’s rearrangements of several Christmas holiday classic, are his own festive tunes for headbangers to enjoy around the family tree. The Metal God’s originals are nothing special, they are spirited for the season, I give him an A for effort, but really nothing special.


‘Get Into The Spirit’ is of standard fashion for Rob under the Halford moniker with hard driving guitars and double bass drums as he sings in his higher register, ‘Christmas For Everyone' begins with mood setting bells, seasonal piano and keys and reminds me a whole lot of an Alice Cooper song, ‘ I Don’t Care’ is a fun upbeat rocker with lyrics like "Christmas time is coming here, and I’m runnin late, I had a little too much fun, And I can’t see straight". Ballad ‘Light of the World’ contains one of the better melodies for this collection.

Concerning the classics and the band’s (Roy Z and Metal Mike Chlasciak on guitar, Bobby Jarzombek on drums with new bassist Mike Davis) treatments, ‘We Three Kings’ keeps to the original chorus with a harder edge, ‘What Child Is This’ is very well done; Rob delivers a straight forward vocal and the band back him with a simple arrangement. ‘O Holy Night’ also stays pretty close to the original with the guitars reflecting the melody line and ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ is grandiose as a many interpretations.

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