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Mean Streak - Metal Slave

Label: Black Lodge
Format: CD
Released: 2009
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7.5/ 10

Heretofore-unknown Swedish act, steeped in the tradition of Priest inspired (sometimes a little too closely) meat & potatoes, clickety-clack speedy Euro heavy metal: no-frills, twin axes and high-pitched (albeit heavily accented) singer. A step down from the likes of countrymen Wolf, Bullet, Enforcer, etc. they almost feel like a tribute band, the rhythms have that "lived in" comfort. The backwards tape loop begun ‘The Seventh Sign’ departs from the Brit heritage, adopting more modern, staccato riffs/drum patterns (and shouted, as opposed to sung, lyrics), but still manages a decent lead break. ‘Metal Slave’ takes a page out of the Iron Maiden playbook, upbeat and bass dominated. Check out ‘Rock City’ (not the Riot tune), the chunky riffs of ‘Carved In Stone’ or buzz saw ‘Sinners N Saints’ to hear Mean Streak at their best.


Definitely a metal guitar album! Simple but effective fun.

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