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Mama Kin - In The City

Label: Leon
Format: CD download
Released: 2009
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7/ 10

Androgynous, high energy Swedish sleaze band with a husky voiced singer sounding suspiciously like Paul Stanley (Kiss). The lyrics, boast of various sexcapades ("backseat ballerina?" Come on, in European cars in 2009? Not unless you’re a midget!), and the guitar tones only heighten the 70s comparison. Funny enough, the opening ‘Badge And A Gun’ ends with a US cop issuing an APB description of the perp. How do you know? The height is given in feet and inches!


One can almost visualize the windmill guitar playing on ‘You Belong To Me’, which also includes cowbell. The band makes several sexual boasts, including ‘Superman’, as well as belittling the current men in the lives of ‘Mrs. Operator’ (trying to pick up the lonely women on the other end of the phone) and gritty guitar buzz of ode to cunnilingus, ‘Higher & Higher’ ("Gonna make you sweat, get you soaking wet").

The ten catchy tracks are simplistic, at times downright juvenile, yet easy to sing along to after a verse or so. Sounds like the best Stanley solo album never released or a rare Kiss outtake circa "Dressed To Kill".

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