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Mehida - The Eminent Storm

Label: Bullroser
Format: CD
Released: 2009
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 4/ 10

Piano, followed by symphonic strings and a high pitched scream, welcome to the sophomore effort from Mehida, something of a minor Swedish/Finnish super-group, founded by former Sonata Arctica keyboardist Mikko Harkin and fronted by the high-pitched, nearly operatic pipes of ex-Therion/ex-Candlemass vocalist Thomas Vikstrom.


Billed as Christian prog-metal which would explain the odd home, on this Finnish God-metal label. ‘Until The Day Breaks’, which is basically a female-accompanied take on the 23rd Psalm, is but the lone blatant scriptural composition (although Harkin has a full page in the CD booklet dedicated to his beliefs). God and Lord do crop up in ‘Draw Near To My Soul’ and ‘Dream Giver’, with its repetitive (and almost exclusive) "Only your love will set me free" chorus could just as well concern a male-female physical relationship.

Musically, this bears no resemblance to any of the principles previous output, in fact, there are many atonal/off-kilter moments (abrupt endings, dissonant piano notes out of nowhere, etc.). ‘A Block Of Wood', with brief inclusion of Hammond organ is the most cohesive piece.

In the case of Mehida, progressive apparently is synonymous with (G)odd.

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