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Bruce Kulick - BK3

Label: Frontiers
Format: CD download
Released: 2009
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 5/ 10

Best known in metalhead circles as a one-time Kiss guitarist (although he first came to the music world’s attention on Meatloaf’s "Bat Out Of Hell"), Bruce Kulick is currently touring with Grand Funk Railroad. In the ultimate format for a solo effort, every one of the dozen songs sports a different feel. Part of that’s down to the revolving singers, but musically, it’s not even all hard rock.


The staccato, modern ‘Fate’ kicks things off. ‘Ain’t Gonna Die’ sees him reunited with Gene Simmons, who adds his voice to a mid-tempo 80s Kiss anthem that includes the line, "I don’t care if you like this song". Can’t say the same about the Demon’s son Nick (as seen on the Family Jewels "reality" television series). Somehow Gene’s setting up a retirement account (aka the next GENEration) as his spawn sings on ‘Hand Of The King’. Speaking of re-Unions, John Corabi is also on board, for the acoustic begun alt-rocker ‘Friend Of Mine’.

After the acoustic ballad ‘I’ll Survive (the guitarist singing his own words), the singer from The Knack (yeah, ‘My Sherona’) offers a poppy ‘Dirty Girl.’ The unexpected moments continue with an almost indistinguishable Tobias (Edguy/Avantasia) Sammet providing the disc’s most forceful vocal on ‘I’m The Animal’, backed by Eric Singer (Kiss). Kulick lets the guitar effects go crazy on this otherwise reserved 4:44 tune.

A jazzy dueling dual guitar instrumental, with Toto’s Steve Lukather (‘Between The Lines’) is a sweet inclusion. ‘Life’ is another acoustic, ballad, something akin to an Irish pub rendition of an early Beatles number. Early editions will include the Vai/Satriani flavored instrumental ‘Skydome’ (also found on the Audio Dog CD).

Will undoubtedly sell based on his pedigree and the guest spots, but this mixed bag is only recommended for the more open-minded fans.

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