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Impious - Death Domination

Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD download
Released: 2009
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 6/10

Sweden has WAY too many good bands! As such, they often get overlooked as the press plays up certain bands, even when some are well past their sell-by date. Such has never been the case with Impious, who have struggled for recognition, despite being part of the international Metal Blade team (for five years and three discs now). Can understand a musician’s perceived futility in staying true to form/vision, as lesser known/talented (talentless?) acts receive all the praise.


Guitarist Valle Adzic contends, "Death Domination" is our "Reign In Blood", a fierce and short attack of pure death and thrash metal that’s like a hit in your face by a couple of brass (bloody?) knuckles". True as that may be, I believe they’ve lost the identity they’ve had. Ok, most never really checked out previous releases, like "Hellucinate" and the thematic "Holy Murder Masquerade", so to the general public Impious have NO definitive sound/identity. Yet, to those of us who’ve seen the band mature (if not outright supported by the label), this is a rather generic, albeit it more traditional/ mainstream sounding, effort: gargled vocal death/thrash. That said, ‘I Am King’ manages to incorporate some old school Entombed/Dismember grooves between the merciless onslaught and the swirling guitars of ‘Dead Awakening’ owe a debt to Morbid Angel. Looking for melody? Try ‘As Death Lives In Me’, albeit only briefly!

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