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House Of Lords – Cartesian Dreams

Label: Frontiers
Format: CD
Released: 2009
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
Rating: 9/10

"Cartesian Dreams" completes House Of Lords recent trilogy of new releases. Like 06’s "World Upside Down" and "Come To My Kingdom" (2008), for post 80s House of Lords, guitars are predominantly what each song is written around instead of the keyboard.


"Cartesian Dreams" riff comes dangerously close to ripping off Judas Priest’s ‘Touch Of Evil’, still a good song regardless. ‘Born To Be Your Baby’ (remember Bon Jovi’s ‘Born To Be My Baby’?) is an up beat rocker focusing on guitars. A snippet from our former U.S. president speaking to the nation’s people intros the hard driving ‘Desert Rain’, singer James Christian again creates excellent melodies and chorus and Jimmy Bell delivers a fiery solo. With piano and great background harmonies, ‘Sweet September’ is a heart felt ballad but ‘The Train’ is the real show stopper. ‘Never Look Back’ is old school Lords; triumphant keyboards with guitars, big layered vocal harmonies all give the tune its grand feel. Classic!

Surprisingly, for the verses in ‘The Bigger They Come’, in style, it is a well arranged European power metal song Gamma Ray and especially Edguy (I immediately thought of the album "Vain Glory Opera") would be proud of. The chorus is all House of Lords. With more excellent guitar playing this is Lords doing what they do best.

By adding a little bluesy slide guitar to ‘Saved By Rock’ this is solid meat and potatoes 80s style hair band rock and the hook in ‘Joanna’ is so big think I may use it to try and catch a swordfish.

House Of Lords is three for three in my book. "Cartesian Dreams" is definitely the most guitar driven record yet and Jimmy Bell steals the spotlight.

"World Upside Down", "Come To My Kingdom" and "Cartesian Dreams". Go out and buy…NOW!

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