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Crystal Viper - Metal Nation

Label: Kathargo
Format: CD Download
Released: 2009
Reviewed By: Mark Gromen
Rating: 7.5/10

This husband and wife, female fronted Polish traditional metal outfit have added a few minor German luminaries to their second studio effort (alongside a pair of compilations, featuring live tracks and a plethora of cover tunes), namely former Grave Digger guitarist Manni Schmidt (‘1428’), Lars Ramcke (of Stormwarrior, on ‘Legions Of Truth’) and X-Wild’s Frank Knight (‘Her Crimson Tears’). Always good for a cover or two, Agent Steel’s signature tune (‘Agents Of Steel’, perhaps only a female vocalist could reach Jon Cyriis’ original heights!) is added to their Doro meets Manowar originals.


Following ‘Breaking The Curse’, a keyboard intro, speedy guitars and double bass drum power metal are the name of the game (wonder why they asked the Germans to appear?), apart from the slower, more operatic and piano concluding ‘Her Crimson Tears’. The rollicking ‘The Anvil Of Hate’ features buzzing twin guitars, while coy titled ‘Zombie Lust (Flesh Eaters)’, complete with film sound effects of a military attempting to repel the attack, features some of Marta "Leather Wych" Gabriel highest notes. Other highlights include fist thrusting beer hall anthem, ‘Gladiator, Die by the Blade’.

Worth investigation.

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