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Magica – Hereafter

Label: Locomotive Records
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Kevin Alba
The surface I am standing on is still level and the maps of the world remain the same as Magica have broke no new ground nor have they discovered any new territory with their third album “Hereafter”. While far from the most original album I have ever listened to it is also far from being a generic throw away. What we have here is a solid album of female fronted power meets gothic metal, nothing more nothing less.

Ana Mladinovici has a pretty voice and is a good singer; it’s just that I have heard it before and done better from the likes of Tarja Turunen (ex Nightwish), Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), or the highly underrated Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion). One thing that is truly killer about this album is some of the amazing playing done by the rest of the band. I am just sitting here listening to some of the guitar work, keyboard arrangements, and drums and saying “wow”. Going back to the vocals I feel the voice may be too poppy for the at times aggressive playing (think of the heavier tracks from “Ecliptica” by Sonata Arctica or “Episode” by Stratovarius).

Favorite cuts include “Turn to Stone” (killer guitars), “Through Wine” (this is such a Nightwish track but I really dig the chorus, very solid), and “Energy for the Gods” including the added male vocal to this song is a cool touch and the guitar work is once again killer.

Hailing from Romania, the band is still very young and has time to grow into something bigger and better. I recall not being crazy about the first two Nightwish albums, liking “Wishmaster” and then being blown away by “Century Child”.
“Hereafter” was released in Europe in 2007, in America this year and already the band has just released a brand new album titled “Wolves and Witches”. Based on what they have done with “Hereafter” I am very curious to check out the brand new one as it is possible they can be ready anytime now to ascend to the next level.

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