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Sothis - De Oppresso Liber

Label: Candlelight Records
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: The Goat
Newbies Sothis offer a blasting platter of black metal in the debut for Candlelight, “De Oppresso Liber.” This is black metal that captures the pomp of Emperor, yet, Sothis are from Los Angeles, which I guess in this case is the City of Lost Angels (ok, so I expect this is probably an oft stated comment). “Of Night and Silence” sounds like something Emperor would have written or at least set aside for future use. The only thing that is missing from it to be an exact twin is the classical trills that often accompany those Imperial Norwegians' tunes.
Perhaps I've been away from the black metal community too long, but Sothis sounds fresh to me despite their obvious love all things Emperor. Maybe I am happy that an American band can take that style and sound and give it an American flavor. I am a big fan of Emperor myself and was saddened by their fracture (and overjoyed by the return) so I am happy to hear a band seeking to fill the void space. This being said, Sothis would definitely not be for everyone. I am certain the hardened black metal head looking for a cult or necro sounding release will not be pleased and use this Emperor-appeal against Sothis. Yet, the more open-minded metal head may find enjoyment in “De Oppresso Liber.”

Sothis do not offer anything revolutionary here but their sound is more comforting. It manages to capture a sound that, I think many would have assumed could only come out of Scandinavia. I think this is an excellent starting debut for these guys. I am curious to see where their sound takes them.
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