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Dismember - Dismember

Label: Regain Records
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: The Goat
Listen, if you don't know by now, well then there is little that can be done. This is, then, for those that know and those that remain true. Dismember has done it again. Their self titled release captures their rompin' stompin' “F*#% You all” attitude in its entirety. This years and years of death honed and sharpened to a fine razor sharp edge. The best way that I can describe Dismember's newbie is like this:
Go into your garage or shed or where ever you keep the garden tools. Now, look for that old hand me down axe that has been in your family for ages, passed down from father to son and on. Pick it up. Examine its edge. I guarantee you the edge is probably extremely sharp and ready to bite into the bark of the nearest tree. Do not touch the edge unless you want a trip to the hospital to stitch those fingers back on. Feel the weight and the comfort that the axe offers in its worn wooden handle. This is some fine craftsmanship isn't it? They don't make axes this way anymore, do they?

OK. This is how the new Dismember feels. It is an old friend that can still hurt you badly if you touch the sharp parts. Honestly, we've heard it all before in one way or another. Yet, this Dismember is revived (most likely due to recent line-up changes) but it retains that old bite. A well honed and crafted razor sharp bite that will take two or three fingers if you don't watch out.

Another thing, there is some experimentation with their rhythms and style but nothing that detracts from the over-all song. Like check out “Under a Blood Red Sky” for the most amazing Iron-Meets-Sabbath riffatitude. This song is merely a launch pad for “The Hills Have Eyes” which I dare you not to break your necks to.

Dismember is a razor old friend that still keeps that dangerous glint daring the listener to touch and bleed.
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