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Hackneyed - Death Prevails

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD / DVD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: The Goat
What do German teenagers eat these days? I’m guessing we might not want to know given the death crusted, gore soaked platter that Hackneyed has delivered to Nuclear Blast…

Apparently, Hackneyed are in their teens. And “Death Prevails” kicks some serious Carcass-infused gluteus maximus. This is one brutal album. It is blends the technical with the rough goregrind method. It varies its sound frequently, without being overly dilettante. I would've sworn these guys were more experienced in the scene.
My personal favorite song is single-handedly “Ravenous” which starts off with the bewitching intro that captures the movies eerie discordant riff. This song has distinct SFU quality to it, which makes it alright in my book.

I am in awe. Okay, perhaps not everyone will appreciate this (although I find this hard to believe). Hackneyed definitely have created one helluva death metal release here. This is one that the big boys need to take notice of. It has all the best elements: blastbeats galore, thick edged guitar riffs, cadaverous vocals with the occasional deathshriek in there, and a serious understanding of how to build momentum and atmosphere.

I would say that Hackneyed remind me of Broken Hope but you would need to add a classical sensibility into their sound that was not as present in the Hope. These dudes know how to shred and how to stalk with their riffs - see “Neon Sun” for evidence.

Every so often a release comes along and kicks you in the groin before exchanging any pleasantries, Hackneyed's “Death Prevails” is a fine example of this idea. Great discovery, I can't wait to see how they progress from this excellent debut.
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