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Twisted Sister – Live At The Astoria

Label: Demolition Records
Format: CD / DVD
Released: 2008
Reviewed By: Rich Catino
“Live At The Astoria” is Twisted Sister in full regalia (especially Dee) 25 years after they exploded onto MTV with the hits “I Wanna Rock” and “Were Not Gonna Take It”, blasting through sixteen songs covering all those big hits and nasty cuts.
The show features the classic lineup consisting of Dee Snider at the mic cursing up a storm as usual, Eddie Ojeda and Jay Jay French on guitar, Mark "The Animal" Mendoza on bass, and A.J. Pero behind the kit. One of the few 80s bands who have 100% of the original, or at least classic, members still in the band. Aside from those two giant radio hits, “Live At The Astoria” primarily focuses on heavier material which is what Twisted earned their respect and a fan base with at the earlier stages of their career, one that started back in the mid seventies when the members really looked like drag queens.

From the Sabbathy “Destroyer” to “Under the Blade’s” steam roller title track, its evident the Sister were much heavier than the type of commercial songs many associated them with. “Like a Knife in the Back” and “Ride to Live” are overlooked classics to go with the already recognized anthem “You Can’t Stop Rock n Roll”. “I Am I’m Me” and “Shoot em Down” are inspiring for anyone who felt they needed a pick me up. “Burn in Hell” is properly presented as dark and menacing, and the title track to “Come Out and Play” is one of those songs/albums I wish the band got more of a positive response to (except for the terrible “Leader of the Pack” and “Be Cruel to Your School”). “S.M.F.” is the band’s show closer as it is all about the fans, the sick mother fuckers.

The show sports a clear picture and clean audio and unlike many concerts today the editing allows the camera to stay on a member long enough to establish a shot beyond the half a second mark. No rapid fire editing here, its shot very much like an 80s concert.
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